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National Pingtung University of Science and Technology

Graduate Institute of Management of Innovation and Technology

Master's program Curriculum Planning Table


Academic Year First Academic Year Second Academic Year
Term Fall Spring Fall Spring
Courses (Credit) Courses (Credit) Courses (Credit) Courses (Credit)

Required Courses

  • Seminar(1)
  • Special Topics on Technology Management(3)
  • Seminar(1)
  • Research Methods for Technology Management(3)
  • Thesis(3)
  • Thesis(3)
Subtotal 4 4 3 3
Total 14

Elective Courses

  • Introduction to Management(3)

  • Special Topics on Project Management(3)

  • Product Lifecycle Management(3)

  • Special Topics on Concept Generation and Innovation(3)

  • Business Plan for New Venture(3)

  • Special Topics on Technology and Law(3)

  • Information Technology and Management(3)
  • Agro-Biotechnology Industries and Technology / Traditional Industries and Technology(3)

  • Special Topics on Innovation Management(3)

  • Management of Mass Production(3)

  • Special Topics on Quality Management(3)

  • Special Topics on Methods of Creativity(3)

  • Special Topics on Entrepreneurship(3)

  • Special Topics on Intellectual Property(3)

  • Special Topics on Manufacturing Systems(3)

  • Special Topics on Service Innovation and Value Creation(3)
  • New Product Management(3)

  • Special Topics on Supply Chain Management(3)

  • Special Topics on Business Process Management(3)

  • Special Topics on Creative Organization(3)

  • Venture Investment and Financial Analysis(3)

  • Special Topics on Technology-Based Marketing(3)

  • Patent Map and Competitive Strategy(3)

  • Case Study on Technology Management(3)

  • Special Topics on Creative Personnel Management(3)

  • Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation(3)

  • Practice for Product Development Management(3)

  • Practice for Innovated Business Process(3)

  • Practice for Intellectual Property Management(3)

  • Practice for Technology Management of Agro-Biotechnology Industries(3)

  • Practice for Technology Management of Traditional Industries(3)

  • Practice for Service Innovation and Value Creation(3)
  • Collaborative Design and Manufacturing(3)

  • Special Topics on Knowledge Management(3)

  • Special Topics on Business Research and Development Alliance(3)

  • Policy of Industry and Innovation(3)

  • Technology Transfer and Valuation(3)

  • Research on Technology Management(2)
Subtotal 21 27 48 17
Total 113